How To Give

Donate Stock

Support Al-Furqaan Foundation and it’s entities by donating stocks, bonds, and/or mutual funds.

The total stock value upon transfer is tax-deductible. When you donate an appreciated stock, you receive a FULL market value tax deduction. If you donate a long-term stock, you do not have to pay capital gains on the respective stocks.

Stock donations are simple and quick.

Steps for Donors when making Stock/Mutual Fund donations:
  1. Inform the recipient/organization of the intended donation. 
  2. Authorize your current broker to transfer the stock and provide them with the following information:
    • Name of the stock to be donated:
    • Number of shares to be donated:
    • Recipient’s/Non-Profit’s account name: Al-Furqaan Foundation
    • Recipient’s/Non-Profit’s account number: PLR-004018
    • Recipient’s/Non-Profit’s tax ID: 20-0310701
    • Pershing DTC number: 0443
    • Saturna Brokerage Contact: Rochelle Wolber or Samantha McGarrity
    • Saturna Brokerage phone number: 800-728-8762

Should you have any questions, please contact us at 800-728-8762, ext 1103 for Rochelle or 1107 for Samantha.

Donate Your Car

Do you have an old car you don’t need anymore? You can donate it!
Through our partnership with Cars4Jannah, you can donate your car to support Furqaan Project, a division of Al-Furqaan Foundation.

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Matching Gifts

Double your support for Al-Furqaan Foundation. If your company participates in the Matching Gifts Program, they will match your donation to our organization to double the impact of your support. Through Double the Donation, the process is quite simple. Search your company’s name on the left and follow the steps!