by Chris Brown

The Quran project hits Chicago with full force.

This summer Al-Furqaan Foundation will be delivering free English translations of the Quran in the 60619 zip code. This is no insignificant task and small dawa project. On the contrary this is an enormous task which will take plenty of hard work, dedication, sacrifice and help from Allah (SWT).

As of date over 4,500 non-Muslims have already received the Quran in that zip code. However, this is only a dip in the ocean. Before the job is complete Al-Furqaan Foundation will have to distribute an additional 12,000 Qurans at bare minimum.

There are over 20,000 houses and apartments in the 60619 zip code and our goal is to make sure each house receives nur (light) from the Nobel Word of Allah (SWT).

The response from the community has been positive overall. According to Bro.Qasim, who supervises the distribution, some people request extra copies for family members, others ask questions about the Quran, and a small minority inquire about visiting a masjid. One special lady has even called to give us
a donation because she and her husband were exceptionally pleased with the Quran as a gift.

Out of the 4,500 people who have received the free Quran less than five people have completely rejected it or asked for it to be picked up from their house.

Inshaa Allah, Al-Furqaan Foundation will complete the entire 60619 zip code before Ramadan. Yet, the mission of the Quran Project will not be complete.Therefore, when one zip code ends another will begin.

Plans are already underway for the next zip code. Between now and the blessed month of Ramadan we plan to distribute about 17,000 Qurans door-to-door and place the Quran in at least 2 new hotels. Support from you is needed to keep this unique and gigantic da’wa project alive. Do not miss out on the opportunity to guide people to Islam. With as little as $20 we can deliver 10 Qurans on your behalf. Image the possible
results you may see in the grave.

May Allah give you and us success.