As salaam Alaikum wa Rahmathullahi wa Barakathahu,


Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon


It is with deep sadness I share with you the news that after years of fighting against Cancer Br. Ashfaq Khan passed away this Jummah at about 10:30 am
Br. Ashfaq has been an employee, off and on, for over 15 years as the Manager of FURQAAN BOOKSTORE. Many had dealt with him as the friendly face at our bookstore booth at every Islamic convention around the country.
During his association with Al-Furqaan Foundation, for a brief period he was also a partner at DESI DINER, a restaurant in Bolingbrook. Prior to FURQAAN he also worked at Soundvision and Astrolabe bookstores. He is survived by his wife and 2 adult kids.


May Allah (SWT) forgive his sins and grant him a place in Jannah-tul Firdous. May Allah (SWT) give patience to his loved ones.  Aameen


With a deeply saddened heart,


Wajahat Sayeed
Founder and President
Al-Furqaan Foundation


SALATUL JANAZAH will take place tomorrow (Saturday), February 26th, after Duhr Salat at:
401 W. Boughton Rd,
Bolingbrook, IL, 60440.
Duhr Salat is at 1:30 PM

BURIAL will be at:
6900 S Cass Ave.
Darien, IL 60561

(on Cass Ave between 75th St. and 63rd Ave., entrance on the west side of the street.
Inside the cemetery, take first right then follow the road bearing right.)