This year on 9/11 a church in Florida wants to have an international burn a Quran day –naudhubillah. We at Al-Furqaan Foundation have launched a nationwide campaign and pledged to distribute 50 copies for every copy they burn and have called on all people of conscience globally – Muslims and Non-Muslims to support this. We are calling on you to support us generously this Ramadhan, the month of Qur’an, not only through your donations, but also by ordering copies yourself ( or sending to people ( and distributing them on that day as widely as possible to your friends, colleagues, and neighbors. Let us work to collectively extinguish darkness with light. Let us react not with emotion over this act but use hikmah (wisdom) and in a most positive way enjoin what is right. Join with us and let us take a positive stance towards this most abominable act so that we educate the people around us about the Qur’an. They plan, but Allah is the best of planners and Insha’Allah together we will deliver the message of the Qur’an to everyone in America.